Cost-effective non-oxide ceramics, refractory metals and specialty thin film technologies.

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Material Characterization & Test Facilities

Exothermic supports a wide range of advanced materials development activities encompassing the development of ultrahigh temperature ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), refractory compounds and functional electromagnetic materials

  • Complete metallographic preparation facilities
  • Three scanning electron microscopes ranging from benchtop to field emission SEMs with associated
  • energy dispersive X-ray capabilities
  • Digital optical microscopy and image analysis capabilities
  • UV to LWIR optical transmissivity, reflectivity and scatter measurements
  • Free-space, waveguide and resonant cavity characterization of RF material properties”
  • Optical characterization
    • UV-LWIR Transmission/Reflection
    • Integrating sphere
  • Powder characterization
    • BET Surface Analysis
    • True Density
    • Particle Size
  • Microscopy
    • SEM with EDS
    • Optical Microscopes
    • Hardness Testing
    • Metallography
  • RF/DC Materials Characterization
    • Permittivity/Permeability
    • Sheet Resistance/Impedance
  • Mechanical Testing


“I have worked with Exothermics and have known Steve for over 15 years. He was trained as a metallurgist, but has considerably broadened his knowledge to encompass additional spheres of materials including ceramics, ceramic composites, carbon-carbon composites, and associated coatings. He is one of the smartest materials scientists I have had the pleasure of knowing – he is always learning, digs into the literature of the past, and is creative in developing new materials and fabrication approaches.”