Cost-effective non-oxide ceramics, refractory metals and specialty thin film technologies.

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Specialized Engineering Skills

Exothermics has specialized engineering skills in the design and analysis of sputtering and vacuum furnaces as well as complex mechanisms for vacuum chambers, and offers further engineering support for a plethora of hot pressing, carbon fiber manufacturing, HIP processing, vacuum brazing, heat transfer, FEA, Joule heating, and Ply layup manufacturing disciplines.

List of Capabilities

  • Design and analysis of sputtering and vacuum furnaces
  • Design and analysis of complex mechanisms for vacuum chambers
  • Engineering support for Hot pressing, Carbon fiber manufacturing, HIP processing, and vacuum brazing
  • Design and analysis of carbon fiber, carbon carbon and melt infiltrated carbon carbon parts.
  • Heat transfer, FEA, and Joule heating analysis capabilities in ABAQUS
  • Ply layup manufacturing analysis in CATIA Composites Design
  • Solid modeling in CATIA and Solidworks
  • DOE, Monte Carlo Analysis, topology optimization and design optimization done in iSight


“I have worked with Exothermics and have known Steve for over 15 years. He was trained as a metallurgist, but has considerably broadened his knowledge to encompass additional spheres of materials including ceramics, ceramic composites, carbon-carbon composites, and associated coatings. He is one of the smartest materials scientists I have had the pleasure of knowing – he is always learning, digs into the literature of the past, and is creative in developing new materials and fabrication approaches.”