Cost-effective non-oxide ceramics, refractory metals and specialty thin film technologies.

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High Temperature Furnacing

We have a range of metal and graphite hot zone furnaces for thermal processing of refractory compounds, nonoxide ceramics, reactive metals, refractory metals and specialized alloys.

  • Graphite furnaces
  • Metal hot zones
  • Pyrolysis
  • Autoclave
  • Hot Press
  • VIM
  • Gas pressure sintering furnace
  • HIP


“I have worked with Exothermics and have known Steve for over 15 years. He was trained as a metallurgist, but has considerably broadened his knowledge to encompass additional spheres of materials including ceramics, ceramic composites, carbon-carbon composites, and associated coatings. He is one of the smartest materials scientists I have had the pleasure of knowing – he is always learning, digs into the literature of the past, and is creative in developing new materials and fabrication approaches.”