HIP Can Design and Manufacturing

Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) of refractory compounds, refractory metals and other specialty ceramics and alloys is a core specialty at Exothermics. Our success with HIP-based processing of advanced materials has led to the development of unique expertise in design, fabrication and processing of exceptionally leak-tight HIP containers made from refractory metals, as well as other suitable metallic materials. Our HIP can design and fabrication capabilities include:

  • Cylindrical, rectangular and other axisymmetric HIP containers up to 36”x60” size
  • Complete facilities for controlled heating and hard offgassing (< 5×10-7 Torr), helium leak checking (< 5×10-9 sccm), and positive closure of HIP containers
  • Extensive, demonstrated performance history with design and fabrication of HIP containers capable of surviving > 2000°C densification processing
  • Inert gas glovebox with inboard and outboard oxygen monitoring to <1ppm O2
  • Complete sheet metal forming infrastructure capable for processing any suitable HIP container material up to 36” width and 0.060” thickness
  • SolidWorks design software for engineering of HIP containers