Fusion Welding and Joining of the Refractory Metals (i.e., W, Ta, Nb, Mo)

The ultrahigh temperature materials and sputtering target fabrication efforts at Exothermics have required that we develop specialized skills around the sheet metal forming, electron beam welding, TIG welding of various Group IV and V reactive and refractory metals. This is an interesting spinoff of our baseline business activities which offers potential for product development and high quality service work in its own right. Our fusion welding and joining capabilities include:

  • Inert gas glovebox with inboard and outboard oxygen monitoring to <1ppm O2
  • 200Amp and 350Amp Miller Synchrowave TIG welders connected to glovebox.
  • Complete sheet metal forming infrastructure (hydraulic press brake, shears, rollers, etc) capable of processing refractory sheet metal stock up to 36” width and 0.060” thickness
  • SolidWorks design software for engineering of sheet metal component assemblies and enclosures
  • Ductile fusion welds on tantalum, niobium, iridium, rhenium, etc.